skin care


Skin Problems

There are quite a number of skin problems, most of which is due to the fact that people neglect their skin daily. Some skin problems occur due to the environment and some due to the changes in the body.


skin problemsAcne is one of the most common skin problems that people experience during their teenage years. Acne occurs due to the hormone change in a persons body during puberty causing an increase in amount of oils being produced. The oils and bacteria accumalates to form pimples. To improve the condition of Acne, it is reccommended to approach a doctor instead of letting it "outbreak" by itself as Acne can cause permanent scars on the face.


frecklesFreckles are pale brown spots that are extremely small and are common on fair-skinned people during their childhood years. Freckles darkens when it is exposed to the sun. By avoiding direct sunlight and using sunscreen regulary can improve the condition of freckles. The sunscreen should have a SPF of greater than 15.

White Spots

white spotsWhite spot is a superficial fungal infection of the skin which is common in children and adults. It is made up of white patches on the skin and may appear on your face, neck, shoulders, arms, trunk or legs. To prevent white spots, try to keep the skin clean and dry as fungus grows when the skin is warm and moist.

Eczema And Atopic Dermatitis

eczemaEczema and dermatitis are skin conditions that has an inflamed rash and intense itching is sometimes present. It is a skin disease that will affect people of all ages and one person out of ten is most likely to experience it once in their life time. It is not infectious or contagious. The exact cause is still unknown and it is believe that it may be hereditary.

Benign Skin Growths

Benign growths are harmless growths which does not need any treatment. Syringomas is a type of benign growth. It is the growths of the sweat ducts and appear as small skin-coloured lumps usually on the eyelids and cheeks. The growths do not cause pain and can be removed by minor surgery.