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Japanese Skin Care Products

For even people with sensitive skin

This shampoo is rich in mositurizing ingredients such as royal jelly, fructose and d-glucose. Contains absolutely no additives including preservatives, perfumes, allergen ingredients or surfactants.

Japanese skin care products 

Natural finish almost like natural skin

Uses natural pigments and silk powder that envelopes ultraviolet rays. Its oil free foundation and cheek colour do not damage the skin while maintaining the skin's moisturizing ability.

 sweet dew

Achieve an elastic skin with an ample moisture supply

No alcohol, colourings or perfumes. The moisturizing effects of royal jelly and fructose provide moisture to the skin.

 skin lotion

Facial cleansing is a must for achieving beautiful skin

Moisturizing ingredients such as fructose supply moisture to the skin while its fine foam envolopes grime and thoroughly cleanses the skin. 

 face powder

Hair growth essence

This essence corrects the scalp's electrolyte balance, heightens its moisturizing effect and supplies nourishment to the scalp and hair. Contains licorice extract, Kujin extract, fructose, royal jelly, Senburi extract and kelp extract.


Highly moisturizing shampoo keeps the scalp healthy

Weak acid properties, no perfumes, colourings or alcohol. Its moisturizing sugar components supplements moisture to the hair, keeping the eletrolytes in balance, and scalp and hair healthy. There is no need to use hair rinse.



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