skin care


Functions Of The Skin

functions of the skinThe skin plays an extremely part in ensuring that viruses and germs do not have direct access into our body as it acts as barrier. The skin provides several important functions to the body.

  • Our skin protects the internal structures of our body against injuries.

  • The pigment on the skin protect us against harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

  • Our skin allows exchange of fluids and gases between the body and the environment.

  • Our skin also helps regulate our body temperature by perspiring which acts as a way to cool our body down.

  • Vitamin D is produced through the precursors of vitamin D which is present in our skin.

  • It acts as a waste disposal. Certain waste is expelled from your body 24 hours a day through your skin in the form of excess water, toxins and carbon dioxide.

  • It is important in body processes such as respiration, and metabolism.

  • It provides you with a sense of touch to help you communicate with the outside world.

  • It responds to sudden changes in emotions and reacts differently based on different individuals.

  • The skin is the body's main organ of sexual attraction.